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We develop impactful end-to-end geospatial data-processing pipelines and software solutions for clients who want to improve our planet.

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Cloud-native geospatial processing suite.

FilmDrop is a suite of open source tools for ingesting, archiving, processing, analyzing and distributing geospatial data in the cloud.

An annotation tool designed for geospatial data, including satellite, aerial, and drone imagery. GroundWork supports object detection, chip classification and semantic segmentation projects, ideal for creating training datasets for machine learning projects.

Raster Vision is an open source library and framework that bridges the divide between the world of GIS and deep learning-based computer vision for satellite and aerial imagery.

Earth Search offers a public search and discovery API for Earth on AWS, Amazon‘s registry of open geospatial datasets. Initial datasets include the entire USGS Landsat Collection 2 and ESA Sentinel-2 catalogs, Sentinel-1, Copernicus DEM, and NAIP with more datasets being added regularly.

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We’re hiring the best people in cloud-native geospatial and Earth Observation software engineering, machine learning, project management, data analysis, and UX design who are keen on making a difference.

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Element 84 is a woman-owned small business that works with public, private, and non-profit sector clients to develop geospatial data processing pipelines and build software.

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