FilmDropSatellite Data Pipeline Processing and Management

  • Cloud-based, instantly scalable to meet processing needs
  • Custom data products and Archives of Convenience
  • Integration with 3rd party account management systems (OAuth, Google)
  • Payment processing
  • Support for flexible sales and licensing models for data
  • Security and access auditing
  • Backed by the power, security, and compliance of AWS


  • Ground Stations and Data Acquisition

    FilmDrop can use existing S3 buckets as a data ingest source or automatically connect to your AWS Ground Station.

  • Archive and Storage

    Automatically store data based on planned use and let our FilmDrop engine help you build and index your metadata.

  • Processing Pipelines

    Generate ephemeral archives of convenience (AoC) and custom pipelines to make your data more useable.

  • Discovery and Access

    Search, discover, and visualize your data at scale and make it available via services for your team or customers.

Technical Diagram of Film Drop process

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