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Search and Discovery for Geospatial Data

Earth Search is a STAC compliant search and discovery API built using Element 84's suite of FilmDrop services bringing petabytes worth of Geospatial Open Datasets from the Registry of Open Data on AWS to users while allowing them to quickly and easily interact with their data of interest.

Access the API, explore the map Console, or monitor new processing via the Dashboard.


A free-to-use STAC API that gives you a central search catalog and standardized metadata for open geospatial data on AWS.


A map centric web application to explore data in the Earth Search API and visualize imagery from the API's catalog.


A summary dashboard that shows what data is being processed and ingested into the API.

Earth Search API

Free-to-use STAC API

Earth Search gives you a central search catalog and standardized STAC metadata via a single API.

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Access cloud-native datasets

Access cloud native datasets including the entire USGS Landsat Collection 2 and ESA Sentinel-2 catalogs, Sentinel-1, Copernicus DEM, and NAIP with more datasets being added regularly.

Earth Search Console

Web Map to Explore Open Earth Data

The Console provides a simple web application to browse metadata and imagery from the STAC API.

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Console Features

Cloud Native Access to cloud-native AWS datasets
Multiple DatasetsChoose between multiple imagery collections
Time RangeSearch specific date ranges
% Cloud CoverSet cloud cover threshold for search
Target LocationLimit search area via BBOX or geojson
AggregationsView total imagery coverage in aggregate
MetadataSelect individual scene footprints and metadata
Imagery OverlaysVisualize scene imagery overlaid on map
MosaicingCombine scenes to view on-the-fly mosaics
Open SourceBuild from the open source FilmDrop-UI project
Earth Search Dashboard

Monitor Processing Status

The dashboard gives you a peak inside the pipelines running to ingest data into the Earth Search API.

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Ingest Processing Dashboard

Want to see under the hood of the Earth Search API? Use the Earth Search Dashboard to view processing metrics and workflows that show status of new data being added into the STAC Collections available in the API.


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