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Search and Discovery for Geospatial Data

Earth Search is a STAC compliant search and discovery API built using Element 84's suite of FilmDrop services bringing petabytes worth of Geospatial Open Datasets to users while allowing them to quickly and easily interact with their data of interest.

We provide three solutions designed to meet your organization's needs.

Earth Search Open

Earth Search Open is a free-to-use STAC API that gives you a central search catalog and standardized metadata for Earth on AWS data.

Earth Search Pro

Earth Search Pro provides a stable and fully-supported STAC API with early access and low latency availability of new and ongoing datasets.

Earth Search Private

Earth Search Private takes you to the next level with your own custom datasets and a private API.

Earth Search Open

Free-to-use STAC API

Earth Search Open gives you a central search catalog and standardized STAC metadata via a single API.

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Access cloud-native datasets

Access cloud native datasets including the entire USGS Landsat Collection 2 and ESA Sentinel-2 catalogs with more datasets being added regularly. Sentinel-1 and NAIP coming Q1 2023.

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Need more features?

Explore our paid options below for more features and added support.

Pro and Private Features

Powerful services to accomplish your goals

In addition to accessing cloud-native datasets from Earth Search Open, our Earth Search Pro and Earth Search Private solutions meet the highest quality standards for geospatial data ingestion and delivery.

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Secure and private with user authentication

Because not everyone should have access to your data, both options provide a secure way for users to authenticate with our API's.

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Coming Soon

Early access to newly indexed datasets

Get a competitive edge with early access to several new open datasets before they're added to Earth Search Open.

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Customer-exclusive private endpoint(s) and datasets

Need to manage your own endpoint or have your own dataset that you want to catalog and share? We can deploy your own private version and, through our expertise and industry experience, help you manage your own custom datasets.

Earth Search Private Only

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Pro and Private Support

Get the data with the support you need

Our team is available to help you through the process. Whether you have a question about the service or want to know the status of your process, we are here to help.

Uptime guarantee of 99.9% *
Access the data you need through our endpoint with a 99.9% guarantee of uptime.
Dedicated 24/7 support team
Enterprise scalability
Private catalog and security
* Some conditions may apply.

The solution with the right benefits

Compare all the features of Earth Search in the table below.

FeatureOpen DataEarth Search ProEarth Search Private
Access to cloud-native datasets green checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmark
Access to cloud-native geospatial data experts green checkmarkgreen checkmark
Early access to newly indexed datasets * green checkmarkgreen checkmark
User authentication green checkmarkgreen checkmark
Uptime guarantee of 99.9% **green checkmarkgreen checkmark
Dedicated 24/7 support team green checkmarkgreen checkmark
Customer-exclusive private endpoint(s) green checkmark
Indexing for customer-owned/private datasets green checkmark
PricingFreeContact us!Contact us!
* Features coming Q1 2023.
** Some conditions may apply.
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