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Quickly move eWallet to iPad


Sync Launch Screen

This is pretty specific but something that I needed. If you’re in the unique position of having an iPhone and an iPad (or touch) and use eWallet to keep track of your passwords but don’t have a Windows machine to sync the wallets across, it can be kind of annoying. The current version of eWallet for iPhone/iPad/etc let you import and export your wallet. The quickest way to move it from device to device is to use the built in FTP server in eWallet. n You’ll need to be on a WiFi network to make this work. From your iPhone start eWallet and unlock your wallet. Hit the sync button to get to this screen.

Next, swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen with two fingers. That will take you to the embedded FTP server that looks like this:

FTP of Data

Finally, on your iPad open up Safari and go to the FTP URL shown in that window, but with the user name and password embedded, like this:


This will show you a page that has your wallet listed. Tap the wallet, wait a few seconds (depending on how many entries you have in your wallet) and then you should get a screen like this that lets you import it right into eWallet. Voilà!

Dan Pilone

Co-Founder and CEO