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DC iPhone Bootcamp August 20-22 Early Bird Registration


I’ll be teaching another iPhone Bootcamp in Washington DC on August 20-22. Register now and save $500 with early-bird registration! In general it’s a smallish group of experienced developers with lots of great questions and discussion. The bootcamp will be at the Affinity Lab in DC and is completely metro accessible. I taught a bootcamp there earlier this year and we had a great time. I pasted the agenda below.

If your company is interested in personalized onsite training drop us a note at info@element84.com and we’d be happy to talk about setting one up. We can tailor to small and large groups as well as various experience levels. One of our most popular training courses is a morning executive session discussing the business aspects of app development and the AppStore ecosystem then an afternoon technical session with developers.

Day One: Introduction to iOS Application Development

  • Understanding iOS App Structure and Development
  • Mobile Development Overview
  • iOS Development Environment (Xcode, Interface Builder, iPhone/iPad Simulator, etc.)
  • Key iOS App Patterns
  • Applications: iDecide, InstaTwit
  • Concepts: Objective-C, Interface Builder (IBOutlet, IBActions), Frameworks (UIKit, Foundation, etc.), UI Design for Mobile Applications (Usage patterns, UI Examples, App Types, Apple HIG), iOS Patterns (Datasource, Delegate, MVC

Day Two: Objective-C, Data Persistence, Multiview Applications

  • Selling your application (App Store, Approval Process, Analytics, Sales models, etc.)nUnderstanding Objective-C
  • Memory management (reference counting)
  • Instruments and static code analysis
  • Data Persistence patterns
  • Creating and using Plists
  • Advanced persistence with Core Data
  • Multiview Application patterns
  • Navigation Controllers, Table Views
  • Applications: Drink Mixer, iBountyHunter (Part 1)
  • Concepts: Objective-C, Memory management, UINavigationController, UITableViews, UITabBar, Plist access, Core Data, Application release and sales, iOS Keyboard support

Day Three: Advanced Frameworks, Student’s choice

  • Using Core Location for location information
  • MapKit integration and support
  • Image capture with the Camera
  • Accelerometer usage
  • iPad App patterns and controllers
  • Gesture recognition
  • Threading
  • Leveraging UIWebView
  • UI theming
  • Student selected topics
  • Applications: iBountyHunter (Part 2), Remember This Spot, ZombieRemote
  • Concepts: Advanced framework integration, custom control UIs, universal applications, UIGestureRecognizer, Split view controller, Popover controls, MapKit customization

Dan Pilone

Co-Founder and CEO