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3 Free Webinars on Data-Driven Advocacy for Nonprofits


The Azavea Data Analytics Team recently developed three webinars that walked nonprofits through the analytics techniques and tools they use to help organizations answer their biggest questions. These webinars aimed to help nonprofits optimize core functions like targeted fundraising, reporting and evaluating impact, data-driven storytelling, evidence-based advocacy, and strategic management.

The Data Analytics Team has released recordings of this webinar series because they want to enable all nonprofits to access this resource and practice data-driven advocacy.


Free Webinar Recordings


Data Analytics Webinar #1 Recording

Free Tools to Share Your Message with Web Maps


  • How a nonprofit won $1,000,000 using data analysis and maps
  • How to find open data & download spatial census data
  • How to collect your own data
  • How to prepare & format data


  • Open Data is free and practical
  • Tools like CensusReporter.org and Import.io can help you get existing data quickly
  • Well-formatted data is important for analysis
  • Systems like Google Forms make data collection much easier

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Data Analytics Webinar #2 Recording

Putting Your Data on the Map to Communicate Your Impact


  • What is geospatial data?
  • How to geocode your data
  • Intro to free desktop mapping apps for data-driven decision-making (eg QGIS)
  • Intro to free tools to put web maps on your website or blog (eg CARTO)


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Data Analytics Webinar #3 Recording

5 Questions You Can Answer with Maps and Data Visualizations


  • Where are my current donors and clients?
  • How can I measure access to my facilities and services?
  • How would a policy change impact the community?
  • Which elected officials have the most constituents affected by a policy change?
  • Sharing your story & design best practices


  • Maps and data visualizations can help you:
    • Target and tailor your outreach campaigns
    • Identify who can and can’t access your services
    • Show how a policy benefits or harms your audience
    • Target the right elected officials and their constituents
    • Make your message go viral with limited resources
  • You may need a professional for complex projects

Watch Webinar 3