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Cicero Sponsors #HacktheVotePA


Philly Tech Week is upon us, and the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association is hosting an exciting hackathon for the occasion. #HacktheVotePA is a day-long event geared toward voter education and engagement, causes that are near and dear to the Cicero team’s heart.

4 hands holding the letters that form the word "vote"

For this reason, we are thrilled to announce that Cicero will be sponsoring #HacktheVotePA, and will provide 2,000 free API credits to all who sign up during the hackathon on May 5th. The Cicero API geocodes addresses, then matches them to legislative districts and officials at the National, State, and even local levels for about 100 of the largest US cities. It also returns comprehensive elected official contact information like office addresses, emails, and social media identifiers. To start using the API, simply visit our free trial page and sign up. You will instantly get 1,000 credits, and as a bonus we’ll add 1,000 more. Check out our documentation, then get hacking!

#HacktheVotePA is happening at the Philadelphia Media Network on May 5th, from 9am-5pm. Tickets are only $10, and you can register for them here. This is a great event, focused on an important cause. We hope to see you there!


Stephanie Thome

Director of Products and Services