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CartoDB and Azavea: An Exciting New Partnership


We’re thrilled to announce that we are now an authorized CartoDB partner.  Under the new partnership agreement, Azavea will offer Vizzuality‘s CartoDB cloud-based mapping platform as one of several toolkits we use to build our applications.

This partnership brings together both companies’ tremendous array of data visualization and spatial analysis experience.  Azavea’s expertise in building complex geospatial web and mobile applications meshes well with CartoDB’s versatility.  Built using the open source PostGIS database and running on a large-scale cloud infrastructure, CartoDB enables users to easily create location-aware applications and dynamic map visualizations, while Azavea’s experience with web-based high performance geoprocessing operations makes us a strategic partner for the creation of extremely fast geospatial applications.  In particular, we’ll be working with CartoDB to leverage Azavea’s open source GeoTrellis geographic data processing engine to offer scalable analysis and spatial modeling applications, especially with very large data sets.

Javier de la Torre, CEO of Vizzuality, said “We couldn’t be more proud of partnering with Azavea. We share a common vision on how geospatial technology can improve environment and society. Combining CartoDB with GeoTrellis capabilities for analyzing large raster data sets will enable the development of the new generation of geoprocessing applications.”

Want to learn more about CartoDB?  Read about John Branigan’s project using CartoDB or visit their website, and let us know how we can help you use CartoDB for your next project.