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Azavea Welcomes Stephanie Zimmerman, Data Analytics Research Specialist


Stephanie joins Azavea as a Research Specialist on the Data Analytics team. She graduated from Lehigh University with a B.A. in English with Honors, Creative Writing, Health Medicine and Society. Stephanie spent the past three years working for a non-profit organization supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to become integrated into their communities. Focused on compliance with regulatory standards, Stephanie conducted internal audits, tracked utilization data, and interpreted new state regulations into usable internal systems.

Born in Rhode Island, Stephanie considers herself a Hearty New Englander. She has been referred to as “bookish” in the past, but has chosen to accept that as a compliment. In her spare time you may find her hiking South American Volcanoes, simmering her famous Italian gravy, or mentally composing the next Great American Novel, which looks a lot like talking to herself.