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Azavea Welcomes Sarah Cordivano, Project Manager, Data Services


Sarah found her interest in enabling the power of civic data as a GIS Specialist with the City of Philadelphia supporting the Mayor’s Executive Order on Open Data.  With a background in spatial analysis and map production, she was eager to mobilize her GIS skills to contribute to the open data movement and insure that the most accurate and detailed data was released to the public.  Sarah is passionate about expanding her technical skills and finds herself lucky to live in a city with such great tech resources, especially for women.

Sarah initially discovered her love of geography and maps at Temple University while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree.   After taking some time off to bake professionally, she decided to return to school for a Master’s in Urban Spatial Analytics at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design.  Once she completed her master’s, she spent time working on consulting projects and digitizing and georeferencing excavation sites for the Gordion Archaeology site at the Penn Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology.

In her spare time, Sarah attempts to refine her baking skills which includes perfecting the long-rise boule.  She also enjoys travelling and has visited 19 countries and 27 states with plans to explore more.  But she has been proud to call Philadelphia home for the past 9 years and would feel a little lost without hearing the native Philadelphian accent on a daily basis.