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Azavea Welcomes Laurence Liss and Kevin DeLoach, Software Developers


Laurence Liss joins Azavea as a software developer on the Civic Apps team. He graduated from New York University with a Bachelor’s degree in Film Production and Mathematics. Laurence also has a Master’s degree in Information Science and Technology from Temple University. He began working as a web developer specializing in sites for the publishing industry where he used his experience in film production to create multimedia pieces and animation. Love of mathematics and logic eventually pushed him further into the inner workings of machines and software development. Laurence is an open source advocate and teacher of web development. One of his focus areas continues to be systems security.

When not designing databases, creating REST APIs, or implementing front-end interfaces, Laurence enjoys Aikido, running, and playing chess.

Kevin DeLoach also joins Azavea as a software developer on the Civic Applications team. He graduated from Central High School in Philadelphia. He brings to the company over eight years of experience developing software. Prior to joining Azavea, Kevin developed web applications for non-profit organizations in the Philadelphia area, created content management and bug tracking tools for franchise businesses, and worked on usability analytics software.

His hobbies include learning new programming languages, video game design, and PC gaming. Beyond the digital realm, Kevin enjoys reading, watching movies, and gymnastics.