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Azavea Welcomes Hector Castro, Operations Engineer


Hector Castro joins Azavea as an Operations Engineer. Previously, he was a Developer Advocate at Basho Technologies, the sponsors of Riak, an open-source distributed database. There he built tooling to support Riak for projects like Docker, Datomic, Chef, Ansible, and Vagrant. Prior to that, he was a Software Engineer at Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), where he worked on enabling full-text search for Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents. He also co-organizes Philly DevOps [0], a DevOps user group in Philadelphia. Hector graduated from Temple University with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science.

Outside of work, Hector enjoys eating delicious food, assembling good analogies, and reciting quotes from HBO’s The Wire.