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Azavea Welcomes Back a Familiar Face


This past month we welcomed back a familiar face to our team.  Tyler Dahlberg, a 2013 Summer of Maps fellow, has joined Azavea’s Data Analytics team as their new Geospatial Solution Specialist.

Tyler’s first career was in advertising, where he worked as a marketer for an online anime retailer.  After returning to school for environmental science, Tyler began using GIS both in-class as well as in Iowa State University’s GIS laboratory.  After graduation Tyler worked for the New York State Department of Health as a GIS Analyst for both the HIV/AIDS Bureau and the Bureau of Environmental Health.  Tyler began pursuing his M.S. in GIS for Development and Environment at Clark University in 2012.  While earning his master’s degree Tyler examined the projected spread of Malaria in Africa due to climate change, analyzed urban heat islands and vacant housing in Detroit, detected clusters of preterm births in Worcester, Massachusetts, and spent a month in Uganda analyzing rural electrification rates with GIS and remote sensing.

Tyler’s chief interests are cold weather, hamburgers, cornfields, skylines, and traveling.